It’s that time of year again, where food allergy mamas everywhere are gearing up for another food fest.  Whether it’s Easter, Passover, school spring events, or a special family gathering in the works, have a chuckle with me.  Over the years, I have noticed a pattern.  With each new season or holiday, I find myself online and in the stores spending way too much money on allergy friendly foods and fancy finds.  Last week, it was Easter candy.  I mean, I have one child with EOE who is gluten and dairy free, who happens to LOVE chocolate, and another child who is anaphylactic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame & soy protein. I made sure my little loves will have Easter baskets to gush over.  Where did I order from?  Vermont Nut Free and No Whey Chocolate.  My two non allergic kiddies will also enjoy foods from those companies, because I don’t want to have any extra stress Easter morning.

Today, it was Key Food (a local grocery store) and Michaels that received my hard earned cash.  I had to stock up on allergy friendly baking supplies for a bake sale and and upcoming after school function.  I bought Enjoy Life mixes and chocolate chips, and King Arthur Gluten Free mixes, along with other products that made my heart skip a beat, like Made Good granola bars.  Next thing I knew, I was at the check out line saying to myself, “I can’t believe all of the things in my cart! I really didn’t need this many boxes or bags…”  I said a prayer of thanks and hoped my husband would be in agreement!

Next up was Michaels.  I hadn’t been in Michaels in a while.  There are so many cute things there for spring, just perfect for an upcoming event I’m helping with!  You guessed it… in the cart they went.  Paper goods, cupcake wrappers almost too cute to use, fancy serving trays, a colorful teal wire basket, teal gems to decorate a table…. yikes, but who can refuse teal, the color of food allergy awareness?  I said another prayer, this time really hoping my hubby would see the best of my intentions!  We make spending decisions together, and I realized I was in the midst of another food allergy mama overcompensation shopping spree!

I took a breath.  I looked up and said, “Thanks.”  I’m thankful for the gift of time I have to do this for my family as well as for others who will safely indulge in my purchases.  I am truly grateful I can afford to do this.  I am overjoyed to have immediate access to so many food allergy friendly, delicious and festive finds.  Most of all, this allergy life allows me to pause and appreciate so many little Blessings I’m not sure I would have paid much attention to before.  Why did I overcompensate?  I’m not sure, out of love or guilt…  or maybe a bit of both!  Either way, I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy all of these things!

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