My name is Susan Kelly.  I am a registered nurse and a mom of four kids with a passion for sharing food allergy education.
Follow along as I share my family’s stories of raising one child with severe food allergies & another with EOE, as well as their two little non allergic siblings.


I hope to make things a bit easier for families recently diagnosed with food allergies and relatable to those already well adjusted to this food allergy life.
As a nurse, I hope other nurses will learn the importance of food allergy education while reading though my experiences because this education saves lives.  With 1 in 13 children having food allergies in America, nurses can play a big part keeping these kids safe & included in our communities!
What keeps me going, when I find myself overwhelmed?  First, my family does! After that,
My Family
Out to dinner during our beach vacation in sunny Florida!
I use the line from Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo as my mantra
“Just Keep Swimming!”

Welcome to Food Allergy Life.  Mom.  Nurse.  Food Allergies.