Camp TAG (The Allergy Gang)

I asked my almost 11 year old her favorite thing about Camp TAG.  Her response, "I feel free!" She feels free. What a tremendous gift, the gift of freedom. My 13 year old with EOE says there are no questions as to why she can't eat certain foods. What a relief! For one week of…Read more Camp TAG (The Allergy Gang)

“They Need to Learn How to Live in the Real World!”

"They need to learn how to live in the real world!"  How many parents of food allergic children have heard this line?  It drives me crazy.  I've heard this during numerous food allergy conversations.  While it *can* come from a place of concern, rather than a place of, "Your child is ruining all of the…Read more “They Need to Learn How to Live in the Real World!”

A Beacon of Hope

I've read two recent articles from Allergic Living touching upon the feeling of embarrassment that can come along with the diagnosis of food allergies.  Both stories expressed how the two young people with food allergies who died, didn't like to make a big deal out of their allergies.  The grieving mom of the one young…Read more A Beacon of Hope

The Importance of Inclusion in a Time of Thanksgiving

  (This event took place during school hours at Thanksgiving Time, 2016) One in thirteen children in America have food allergies, according to the national allergy organization, FAACT. Roughly two children in every classroom are managing this potentially life threatening medical condition at school. Out of safety concerns, children with food allergies are often isolated…Read more The Importance of Inclusion in a Time of Thanksgiving

Love Sweet Love

  I stumbled upon a video on Facebook showing people putting down their devices and becoming present in real life again for a Canadian campaign called #EatTogether.  You can watch this heartwarming video for yourself, here. It's really beautiful. Strangers gather together, over a makeshift table in an apartment building hallway, bringing pot luck dishes and…Read more Love Sweet Love